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Teamwork Bible College

Teamwork Ministries International was established by Dr. John N Chacha and its head office is based in Virginia, Martinsville, U.S.A. Teamwork Bible College South Africa was introduced in 1996 and is a member of the Teamwork Bible College International. Teamwork Bible College South Africa has celebrated a decade of discipleship making and has developed leaders from different denominational backgrounds.  Since the College operates with a network of churches nationally and internationally a name was evident, the College is now known as Teamwork Bible College For the Nations. The training program has been revamped with a new and revised curriculum providing for post graduate studies i.e. The Masters and Doctoral studies.

Courses Offered :

  1. Certificate in Theology
  2. Diploma In Theology
  3. Bachelor of Theology
  4. Masters in Theology
  5. Doctorate in Ministry

2015 Enrollments welcome

Congratulations to all our Graduates






















For More Information On how to Register please Contact Pastor Nad on Tel (011 ) 845 6900